No Room at the Inn

After listening to the sermon at Celebration Church tonight it got me thinking. The innkeeper, who told Mary and Joseph there was no room for them to stay, was in essence saying there was no room for Jesus, the Son of God, and the pastor mentioned he would bet later on in life or when the innkeeper came face to face with Jesus on the throne He would have regretted that decision, which I totally agree with. But this was the next thought I had. He had no idea who He was telling He had no room for, but what about us when we get face to face with Jesus? What will we say when we see all the times in our life we made no room for Him. I have seen people move heaven and earth to get to a ball game, go to an event, get a promotion and long list of other things but how how many times have we done that to see God, to meet with God’s people at church. The truth is every time we put something ahead of God or tell Him we don’t have time get to His house to worship or time to serve Him we are in essence telling the God who we know is God we have no room for Him. A very simple but challenging Christmas message. Do you have room for God in your life?

New Beginnings

Today was a good day. actually one of the best days I have had in a while. I know that there are some people who don’t understand me getting into teaching, and honestly I don’t totally understand either, but this is what I do know. Teaching has renewed and actually given me a bigger passion for students than I have ever had before. It has given me more opportunities to impact students than I have had before. That’s kind of the part that make sense but this is how I know God is in it. I am working between doing church and school stuff 80 or more hours a week and even though I am tired when I go to bed, I wake up feeling better than I have in years, refreshed with plenty of energy. Secondly, I have been doing student ministry for almost my entire adult life, and I usually do not feel confident in new situations and work environments but I feel just as much at home in the classroom as I do in the church. I am a new teacher and I am sure I have made a lot of mistakes but I feel like I am improving already and though I’m not the best yet, I believe every day i am better than they day before. Through this God has answered two of my biggest prayers. The first is something I have been praying for a long time, my best friends are students and haVe been praying for just one adult male friend close to my age that I can have just a normal friendship with and I know that sounds strange but sometimes I need to be just Scott not Pastor Scott. The last reason I believe this is from God is because it allows us. My family, to plant some roots and stay put. We are financially able to save for a house to ensure our longevity.